Monday, 5 August 2019

Close encounters of the Jelly fish kind and Chicken for Dinner

July update

I have no idea why I'm smiling!
The month kicked off with LCW (long course weekend) I had only booked onto the Friday night Wales Swim, (2.4 miles sea swim) and the 112 mile Wales Sportive bike ride on the Saturday. As well as the Wales Marathon on the Sunday various other distances were available but it was predominently the swim I wanted to have a go at and as we were staying over night it seems to make sense to do the sportive which covered much of the same course for Ironman wales. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get some Ironman race practice in as well as it being a fantastic weekend event in itself. More details here.
But onto my experience.......
Lambs to the slaughter
Building up to the sea swim event there is no escape from hearing about the large amounts of jelly fish in the water of North beach Tenby. I was really fed up of seeing photographs on facebook pages leading up to the event. A lot of scaremongering goes on. However, no amount of photographs or video footage actually prepared me for the horror story that the swim actually was ...
Where's the chip shop ?

Not only were there 2 and a half thousand other people all entering the water for a mass start, (I started mid pack with club mates Lorraine and Steve) but there must've been almost the same amount of jelly fish. It really was an unforgettable experience and for me not in a good way. Swimming out to the first buoy seemed to be the worst, I spotted my first jelly fish almost straight away but  it was quite deep in the water so I was ok with that. Then there was one in front of me, and to the left of me, then to the right of me, then I scooped one with my hand and it just went on and on and on like this. Rounding the first buoy was just a matter of survival, I was right in the melee of swimmers. I had started middle of the pack, as I was realistic about how long the swim was going to take me, but I still seemed to be amongst a lot of swimmers of varying pace. The jelly fish were freaking people out so of course then swimmers were changing direction and flailing arms and legs were everywhere. I got a kick in the calf which immediately cramped up, I had to hang onto a canoe until the pain passed before I could carry on. I thought things would ease a little when starting the second lap but it didn't seem to. There still seemed to be swimmers everywhere. I've never been so relieved to finish something in my life !! and I have never been so pleased to see Ron waiting for me with my dryrobe and a first class ticket to the nearest fish and chip shop ! Bring on tomorrow, it's just a hilly 112 mile bike ride ..... walk in the park.

The Wales sportive was right up my street. Before the start, the top 10 men and top 10 women from the swim that are entered into the actual Long Course Weekend event as a whole get to do a Tour de France style ramped tt start ! with flames and everything. It's great fun. I got to the start in time to see this, Lucy Gossage the Duracell Bunnie was amongst the female starters.
I absolutely loved this, 112 hilly miles in perfect riding conditions. I carried most of my fuel with me...fuelled solely by Tailwind. I only used one aid station to refill my bottle with water so that I could add a tailwind stick pack and use the loo. But, there's plenty of food and drink at all of the aid stations should you need it. I wanted to practice my fuelling strategy as close as I could in preparation for IMW. The ride went brilliantly and I was happy with my fuelling practice. You get a medal for each event, and if you entere LCW as the full event you get a fourth medal that links them all together. The weekend is fantastic and I would highly recommend it and I would definitely do it again. In hindsight the swim did me the power of good and I came home feeling confident and really really pleased that I had completed it.
Two out of three ain't bad

 A bit more long distance training for a couple of weeks and then I was into a race!

hunting down the fast swimmers
The Melin Sospan Sizzler  (Burry Port, Carmarthenshire) middle distance triathlon. 
I was railroaded into entering this by club friend Neill! I had just won my age group at the Cotswold 113 and was at the back end of 2 glasses of fizz when Neill text me to say he'd entered this race, 'why don't you join me, it will be great race prep for IM Wales.' Sea swim, tough bike, coastal path run. I entered there and then.
'Healthy life activities' are the organisers and the race was to play host to the Welsh middle distance championships. I hadn't really thought about this race and was planning to use it as a training race/weekend, Neill was injured and unable to make it. Ron and I had a guest house about 500m from the venue which all made for a relaxed start. All competitors gathered in the holding pen above the slipway onto the beach. After the shenanigans of LCW Swim (Zillions of jelly fish and people!) and an unsatisfactory lake swim last week, I decided to place myself right at the back of the swimmers. It was a delayed start as the tide hadn't come in enough and the first buoy wasn't under water ! We had an Australian a mass start running into the sea, we had to run quite a way in before we could start swimming. It was windy and the sea was very choppy, but i had plenty of space around me and there were 0 jelly fish. The water was a good temperature and I relaxed and swam, even though I was losing sight of the buoys in the waves! Aussie exit meant we had to run through the water quite a bit again for the second lap, I wasn't very good at this ! I had a slow swim of approx. 45 mins actual swim time but all times were on 'gun' so my official time was over 52 minutes! I took T1 fairly easy as I knew i was way back in the pack and wondered if I was the last out of the water (I wasn't, It seemed most people found it difficult) I hopped onto my bike really looking forward to this bit as we had driven the course the day before and it was right up my street with a 1.5 mile 15% hill about 8 miles in, as well as other hills and long descents. Two laps. I just got head down and gave it the beans having fun catching all those people that swam faster than me! Going up the big hill first time round I was overtaking all the way, one chap said as I passed him 'you do know you've got to do this twice!' (what was he implying?) What I didn't realise until after the race was over I must have over taken all women in front of me during the bike leg.
Happy place
After a swift T2 I headed out onto the out n back coastal path run. 4 windy laps, it was a little undulating (ok there were no Malvern hills in there but it was not 'flat' as advertised.) and the sun was really quite hot now. As it was laps it was tricky to know who I was ahead of so I just ran and enjoyed the sea view and the supporters along the course. I kept looking at my watch and was surprised to clock my average pace was pretty good, but just kept going as I felt ok. I tried to check out the number of lap wrist bands the other women had on to try to gauge how many were in front of me but could't really see. On the 4th lap I ran into the finish funnel where Ron was there cheering me in...he came over and asked if the race commentator had announced me as I crossed the line, he hadn't. 'Why would he?' I said, 'because you've won' Ron said. haha!! I couldn't believe it and had absolutely no idea. I crossed the line along side a tall chap who was running in with his kids, so I was hidden from the commentator therefore unfortunately missed out on a big finish and no finish photo....
#fail. However, I won a fabulous trophy for being female race champion. There were age group prizes for all age groups in the Welsh championships, which obviously not being Welsh I didn't qualify for, but I did wonder if some of the Welsh women were a bit miffed that some old English bird had rocked up and won their race ! 
Winner winner chicken dinner, but first, a banana.

The venue was at the new RNLI station on the sea front. Whilst the race was taking place the lifeboats went out and basically saved the lives of 2 kayakers that were swept out to sea, getting further and further away. The safety team arrived back as prize giving was taking place so everyone gave them a huge round of applause and cheers. Fantastic.

Thank you Ron and thank you Neill, and of course thank you  Tailwind nutrition for keeping me fuelled throughout the race.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

An agegroup win, and open water swimming.

June update.

Race day smiles
This month kicked off with a familiarisation day for the Cotswold 113 middle distance triathlon. These days do exactly what they say on the tin! It's basically a course familiarisation day, great for first timers and anyone who wants to recce the course. For me it was all about my first open water swim of the year. This went well as Jason Tait from South West Swimming leads the swim, stopping every now and then to give course tips.
The following week was the race...I took the age group win, but unfortunately I am still waiting the prize ! Graeme from 113 events assured us that the prizes would be sent by post. Please see separate blog post for the full race report

Rear mounted bottle cage
So I have started to think about race day nutrition for Ironman Wales. Its clear that I want to use Tailwind Nutrition so I needed to start practising how I was going to carry it all on the bike. I have been practising with a rear seat mounted bottle cage. This is going 'ok' ! I can do it..a little more practice needed to keep my pace up though ! However, a bigger problem has been the integral aero hydration system on my Liv Avow. It has a refillable bung on the top, but the fluid spurts out of it at a rate of knots, absolutely covering me in sticky drink. It's a real problem, and I was starting to think I was going to have to completely change my plans on re-fuelling. So, I took to twitter and soon realised that this was a major problem for anyone with an Avow or Trinity. Somebody had a little gadget that you fit inside to prevent splashback. I managed to get my hands on one and hey presto...! Refuelling on the fly is now a thing.
Flippin' freezin' 

So after my first OWS of the year at the familiarisation day it became clear that I was going to have to swim every Saturday morning now.  I can't get to any evening sessions at any of the local lakes due to work commitments. So, I've been going to The Lakeside Campus. The first session I did was Saturday the freezinth of June, sorry, Saturday the 15th June ! Wowzers that lake was cold ! I had face freeze, but somehow pushed on for 3 laps, 1800m or so. I got out, wet suit off, dry robe on, drove home for a hot shower, no hanging about !

I've been twice since in much nicer weather conditions, and today, I did my longest swim ever !! (I sipped on 500ml of Naked unflavoured Tailwind in the car on the way to the lake to fuel me for this). I swam Two and a half miles non stop, apart from a little goggle bother ! I'm so chuffed with myself. It's been a long time coming...4 years or so really. So yes, 6 laps of the lake at 600m a lap. I started a 7th lap but I had missed the cut off time for starting the last lap of the morning so got whistled at by the lifeguard to get out ...however, how good is it that I actually wanted to do a 7th lap? I'm finally becoming a swimmer. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Kerry Anne Payne but my confidence has definitely improved and so has my swimming.
Tri club curry night !

I no longer dread it and I need to stop saying that I'm not a swimmer. An awful lot of credit has to go to Malvern Tri club coaches at our Friday night sessions. We have just had the last of our Friday night sessions for this year until October and we celebrated with relay races in the pool and of course a Tri Club curry night !
What the flock?

As well as the focus being on open water swimming this month I have got some good cycling sessions in and been doing a mixture of speed and hill work on my TT bike. ....Sometimes there are a few hold ups.

Booty drop
The Tailwind Nutrition UK Trailblazers had a parcel drop this month. A great selection of nutrition, tote bag, polo shirts and neck warmer. Thank you Tailwind. It will all come to good use.

So as training months go I'd put June right up there. I feel progression has been made and I'm loving it. Fingers crossed that July brings similar gains.
This is my chuffed face. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Cotswold 113 (middle distance triathlon)

 What a great weekend !  
Obligatory medal selfie. 
Eyeballs out all the way
This is a very well organised, friendly race. Attention to detail in the briefing the day before puts your mind at rest. I was  in wave 2 with some other members of Malvern Tri club,  which meant being in the water for a start time of 6.10am. Sounds horrendous...getting up just before 4am, (and it was) but definitely worth it as the traffic can build up at the water park as the day goes on so I think it was a wise choice to opt for an early wave. Also, as the run is 3 laps, some of it on narrow trails, it gets harder to overtake as the race gets busier. Out of the 3 disciplines its no great secret that swimming is not my best. I have grown to really enjoy it now though, and don't have that crazy frog look on my face any more before entering the water ! For me the swim is what it is, it took me forty minutes to swim the 1.2 mile course...i have no idea if I swam a straight course as my watched got kicked early on and only recorded 6 minutes ! I felt ok, especially as I got into T1 and Dick and Drew (2 members of the club who are far better swimmers than me) were only just leaving. Not a bad start. Onto the bike and I was up for giving it the beans. Generally I hold back a little in triathlon on the bike knowing i have to run, so this time I thought Id try harder and see what happens. Its a flat course with several out and backs and a handful of roundabouts. So it was time trialling all the way, which also makes it tough I feel as there is absolutely no respite ! Don't be fooled by a flat course.
First old bird
There were loads of marshals and big clear signage. Several pot holes although some of the road has been resurfaced since I last did this race. I saw all other team jade members en route. My time for the 56 mile bike was 2:34:59. Very pleased with that. T2 was ok, out onto the 3 lap multi terrain run, first lap was hard as I was desperate for a wee, and couldn't relax, I felt better for stopping at the loos at the end of the lap, there's a bloke with a hose pipe at the end of each lap too which was very welcome !
There's plenty of support on the run, and plenty of nutrition too!..(However I fulled the whole race with Tailwind nutrition on the bike and water on the run).the route goes through a little village and through the woods around the lakes. Nothing not to like. My time for the 13.1 mile run was 1:46:59, pleased with this too, but I was hoping for 1:45!  (Never satisfied) The finish is a red carpet with a PA system...lots of supporters at the finish. Free massage, more food, a medal, a T-shirt. And right by the lake so lots of participants get straight back in to cool off the legs! Total time with transitions, 5 hours and 7 minutes exactly.

 I was really pleased to pick up the age group win, there's just 2 categories, 18-49 and 50 plus...(guess which?)...last time I did this race i was third in age. In usual Team Jade fashion we all stayed to see everyone finish. Brilliant.


Thanks to Drew for sorting the accommodation it was perfect. Thanks to Dick for bringing the kids along as the race mascots 🐶🐶. Massive well done to Emma on her first triathlon. Special well done to Dick on his victory run lap. As ever great to have Ron supporting, joined by Andrea and Caroline, Janice was part of a relay and then became part of the support crew, and a guest appearance from Steve James was good too. Steve Clarke and Wayne were also racing.

Team Jade blinged up

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

A parkrun, a Time Trial, a recce and a snake.

The merry merry month of May........

On top of the world, well, the Worcestershire Beacon
These photos are taken the same week. A bit bleak on top of the Malvern hills for my run and then glorious sunshine on my bike ride literally a day or so later. 'Ne'er cast a clout until May is out' too true, as I was wrapped up again later in the month.
Sunny (S)miles

On my way to a PB
Malvern Buzzard at Parkrun.
So I threw a Parkrun in this month, just to keep a little bit of speed work going, running a fast 5k on a Saturday morning with other runners always brings better results than me just trying to bang out some fast intervals around a very dull trading estate circuit in Malvern ! I went to Worcester Pitchcroft and was pleased with a sub 21 minute 5k. The following week I threw myself into the deep end and raced a 50 mile Time Trial. It was an open event organised by Bike Pace, basically up and down the A40 in Abergavenny. It was an afternoon start, so a nice relaxed drive over in the morning. It's been a while since i've time trialled a 50, so I had no idea how things were going to go ! I was a bit conservative for the first 5 miles or so, and then thought I may as well just go for it and see what happens. My water container was loaded up with Caffeinated green tea buzz Tailwind, and that was all the nutrition I took on board. It was a 2 lap course, I raced the second lap slightly faster than the first and was rewarded with a 12 minute personal best for the distance. I was 3rd female to finish in a time of 2:08:45...just over 23 MPH.(See separate blog post on time trialling) 

Oooh, new shoes.

I treated myself to some goodies this month too ! I bought a pair of Hoka One One Clifton 5s in preparation for the long mileage building up to Ironman Wales. I tried them on in the kitchen, loved them so much I instantly ordered a second identical pair ! so hopefully that's me shod for the year.
Goggles, tow float and Hokas (Pair 2)
Thinking ahead for open water swimming I also bought a Tow float, essential for open water swimming at some venues, especially the sea. They attached around your waist and float behind you making you very visible in the water to lifeguards, boaters etc. Some, like this one, are waterproof and you can store things keys, inhaler, water bottle, phone, for example. I also ordered a pair of Roka R1 goggles, I received a money off voucher to try a Roka product so thought these were worth a go. Not tried them yet,....I don't get into open water until June !...('Ne'er cast a  clout and all that)

I had to put this picture in ! For 20 years I have been walking and running on the Malvern Hills....this month I was going about my business on British Camp, near the reservoir, bothering nobody, when a brightly coloured ADDER slithered across the path in front of me! I couldn't get my phone out quick enough for  a photo...but the next best thing photographing the look on my face !! This was pretty much my expression for the remainder of my run !! As I was saying repeatedly to myself, 'I've just seen a *******SNAKE !' I was really spooked by it, but then really pleased that I was lucky enough to see an Adder on the Malvern hills, I had heard they were there, but until now......

Recce, done., pass the Tailwind rebuild.
We spent the bank holiday weekend in Tenby. What a beautiful area the Pembrokeshire coast is. On Saturday morning I set off to ride/recce the 112 mile Ironman Wales bike course. I had downloaded the route to my 'Mio' and Ron was around in case I got lost/confused. (I did) It was a long day in the saddle what with trying to work out bits of the course where Mio was telling me I was going wrong. (I wasn't) But nevertheless it was stunning, tough and really enjoyable. The scenery is breathtaking in places, some of the hills are short,sharp, punchy and brutal, (especially second time around) but still very doable on a TT bike. The only nutrition I used was Tailwind, this time I used Caffeinated Green tea buzz, and also the Neutral flavour, I wanted caffeine in the morning, and then towards the end to keep my concentration up, but it was nice to back off and have the neutral flavour in between. This is what I plan to do on race day. I arrived back at the carpark (Transition) and whilst Ron 'lovingly' packed my bike away for me (!) I set off for a short run, 5 miles of the run course. This, to my surprise, was more comfortable than expected, but I was certainly ready for my Tailwind Nutrition chocolate rebuild and recovery shake when it was over. 
However, I'm not going to lie, a curry and a Gin and Tonic were consumed later that evening ! The rest of the bank holiday weekend we enjoyed the Pembrokeshire coast at a more leisurely pace.
Perfect weekend.

(Another) Delivery for Ms. Sivertsen.

Time trialling...for the TT Curious.

A little bit of info for those of you that know nothing about Time Trialling but would like to know more. This is my take on it.

 Time Trialling is a form of cycle racing. It is very addictive and great fun! For me it feels very gritty, secretive and old skool !
Individual time trialling is often referred to as ‘The race of truth’. Mainly because it is every (wo)man for themselves. There’s no pack riding, drafting or ‘chainganging.’ Welcome to the ‘Pain Cave’.
Club time trials are usually held in the summer months on a designated evening and time. Individual riders gather almost secretly in some layby or similar to ‘sign on’. Here you are issued a re-usable number which is pinned to your back. Your number relates to the minutes past the hour that you start, so for example if the time trial starts at 7pm the first rider will leave at 7.01pm and they are number 1, 7.02 its rider number 2 and so on. Riders then line up one behind the other and are set off at 1 minute intervals to ride the measured course, eyeballs out, lungs busting, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, as fast as they possibly can! The course is generally not marked on club TTs, riders are expected to learn the course in advance.  However club TTs tend to be quite short, usually 10 miles, and the courses easy to learn and ride. Other than the volunteer club time keepers at the start and finish line there are usually no other marshals. At the finish the time keeper makes a note of your number and the time on the clock, you hand your race number back in and you hang around to see everyone else come in so that you can check out your finish position and time. Some clubs may allow guest riders for a trial ride, or have a ‘come and try it’ event.
Open time trials follow a very similar format. However entry in advance is required and is usually via the CTT. So affiliation is required ( The distances can be 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles.  Riders are allocated a number in advance. On the day of the race registration will be in a village hall, scout hut or similar. Riders ‘sign in’ collect their number, maybe warm up on their turbo trainer by their car and then once again assemble on the start line, which can be a couple of miles from registration. If there are roundabouts or turns to negotiate there will most likely be bright signage (arrows) and often marshals. Once you have crossed the finish line you return to race HQ, to sign off, return your number and most importantly enjoy coffee cake and cycling banter with the other riders. There are usually prizes for fastest men, fastest women, sometimes down to third place, sometimes a vet category. Prizes can be cash, or a trophy.
There are also 12 hour and 24 hour events and also hill climb specific races.
Sometimes there are slots available for tandems, or ‘two up’ racing. Two up - two riders together, taking turns to share the pain, usually resulting in a faster time than individual riders.
You don’t have to have a specific time trial bike to participate, road bikes can be used, however if this is the case the road bike cannot have bar extensions or deep section wheels, the rider cannot wear aero clothing or aero helmet. Often, in the open time trials there is a separate category for road bikes. These rules may be more relaxed at a club night event. However, at all events all riders must have their shoulders covered by clothing, so save your sleeveless tri tops and singlets for triathlons.
I love time trialling. We are lucky to have a womens series here in the midlands which in the past I have participated in. I like to include time trials as part of my training to really try and nail the speed work. I recently did a 50 mile TT as part of my build up to the Cotswold 113 middle distance triathlon. Fuelled by tailwind nutrition, caffeinated Green tea buzz! It seemed to do the trick as I got a 12 minute PB at this event, completing it in 2:08:49.
For more information on time trialling, including more detailed rules and regulations, check out the CTT and VTTA.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Duathlon season

April didn't have the greatest of starts for me as I picked up a virus...nothing too dreadful but it did stop training for a week. I didn't feel too disjointed about this as luckily for me it fell on easy/recovery week so I only had a few easy sessions in the diary as it happened. I managed a easy run on the Malverns with a friend that was up from London, otherwise it was a week off.
This month the rides got longer, and I also started on some repeat brick, bike, run, bike run etc....these repeats I find work well using the turbo.

Hereford duathlon 14.04.19
A great little early season race to test out transition skills, multi sport, pinning a race number on again etc. Not too far from home and we had several club members at the event. For me I chose the slightly longer of the 2 distances on offer .... 4.6 mile run, 18 mile bike, 2.2 mile run.
It was a chilly day, I opted to wear fleecy base layers under my tri suit and a merino wool hat ! I'm no good in the cold. This race is really well organised and is very beginner friendly for those dipping their toe into the multi sport world as well as suitable for those wanting to race 'all out' in preparation for the season ahead.
I had a pretty good race, and finished 2nd female. Pleased with that.
Recce of IM Wales bike course
The weekend after Hereford was Easter, and we had decided to go to Tenby to do a recce of the Ironman Wales bike route. Well, the 70 mile loop, on the day of the event you do some of the loop twice making the distance 112 miles. What a weekend to choose to go. It was absolutely glorious ! Warm sunshine, blue skies, very little wind. Idyllic.
Tenby sea side
Summer clothes !
I couldn't wait to see for myself just how tough this course is, I've heard a lot about it. I cylced just over 50 miles pretty leisurly, when we thought we'd stop for a spot of lunch. ( Ron was never far away in the car in case I lost my way.  ) I devoured a bowl of sweet potato fries ! The fuel of gods. I was chatting away about the course to Ron, telling him it wasn't too bad and I hadn't found any of the hills challening. However....... the next 20 miles was where its at !!! Narberth, Saundersfoot, Wisemans.....all the hills are compacted around this section of the course ! I cycled along side a woman who was also recce'ing...she has done the race before. She told me the hill we were climbing was known as 'Heartbreak Hill' and she said its 'just absolutely mental on the day' Ha! great. I saw lots of other people recce'ing, everyone was really friendly, positive and helpful. It was a fabulous weekend. I did find some of the hills challenging....and then discovered that my rear casette was just a 25 sprocket ! Something that will definitely be changed before race day.
After a scheduled easy week it was time for ...
Storm the castle duathon
10k run, 33k bike, 5k run. Billed as the UKs toughest duathlon.
Team Jade about to embark on storming the castle
Gorgeous multi terrain running at STC

Second time for me racing this one. I still love it, one of my favourite races, even if it is an 8am start on a cold April morning, an hours drive away ! Dermot and the boys from Be Endurance do a great job as event organisers. The setting in and around Ludlow is beautiful, with the finish being in the castle grounds. First run is 2 laps of a 5k route, multi terrain, including 'lactic ladder' steps up to Whitcliffe common with fab views over Ludlow, you then descend and run along the river and then up and around the castle before doing it all again.  The bike is a challenging 33km ride through Shropshire and Herefordshire, with 500m of ascent. There are 2 main sections of climbing, 7km over 'Fiddlers Elbow' and a climb up through the Mortimer forest near to the end, the ride finishes with a long descent back down into transition where you start the second run which includes running up the lactic ladder twice again !! Painful.

Each time you race this event you move up the hierarchy rankings, and therefore this determines which wave you start in ..kings and queens first, dukes and duchesses, barons and baronesses, Knights and finally peasants. ...second time for me so I became a Knight. Fifth time for one member of our tri club so he became a King of the castle! First time for another member of the club so he was the dirty rascal, oh no sorry.. a mere peasant !
I was chased down by fellow club member Neill (who started in a later wave to me) just after T1..he shouted something to me about his bike gears not working ... as he sped past me ! Didn't seem to hold him back.
I felt I had a great race, I finished 4th female, 1st in age category (45-54) and picked up a whole load of Zone 3 goodies including a running visor in club colours.
A banquet of food awaits in the castle grounds post race including sausage rolls, danish pastries, current buns and a bottle of beer. What is not to like? A family friendly race with kids events (Junior storm) taking place too. Would I recommend it? Yes, Would I do it again? yes, beginner friendly? from an organisational and race experience point of view yes, however practice multi terrain hilly runs and hilly bike rides. Practice getting up at 5am too.!! 
Love a podium pic
As ever Tailwind Nutrition has got me through the training, racing and post race efforts. 'All you need, all day, really'.
Recovery fuel that really works.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

First race of the year!

March training and racing update.

Yep, the weather is still hit and miss but I guess that's normal for March. I'm so pleased I treated myself to a new smart trainer this year, It has been worth it's weight in gold when it has come to keeping on top of my cycling fitness through the winter. I've not jumped on the Zwift band wagon yet but I am a resident of Sufferlandria.

However I have been making hay whilst the sun shone and managed to get out for some longer rides and even had the TT bike out for a couple of short sharp sessions.

Stocked up
I stocked up on more Tailwind nutrition. This time I have opted for the Naked flavour energy drink as well as the caffeinated green tea. This is because my rides are getting longer and I don't really want/need caffeine in all the nutrition I am taking on for training. I have also decided to go for the chocolate flavour rebuild and recover, a change from vanilla. Both are tasty and both easily break up and dissolve with no glupes or lumps.

Early on in March saw my first race of the year.....the all important Rotary club of Malvern Pancake race ! I was in a team of 4 from Heartstart Malvern for which I am a volunteer trainer.....we didn't win. In fact, our category there were only 3 teams...we were third ! It's just as well we are better at teaching people how to use a defibrillator and deliver CPR than we are at tossing pancakes whilst we run.

The club friday night sessions are doing me the power of good. Plenty of technique coaching as well as CSS paced swimming. This month I have been trying to lengthen and slow down my stroke rate.

Winner winner chicken dinner...well, second!
It was great to participate in the VC Sevale 10  mile TT on course K46/10 the last weekend in March. I was pretty relaxed and put myself under no pressure I had litterally had my TT bike out twice this year for some very short burst. So I was thrilled to post my second best time for the course and finish in 2nd place (females)  picking up £30 prize money. Result!! I love the TTs....They feel gritty and old fashioned. Everyone is there to race eyeballs out all the way and do the best they can at that moment. There's no moderate effort going on from anyone. The coffee and cake always tastes better after a TT too.

It was our final timed 10k run with Malvern triathlon club. This time for a bit of fun it was run as a handicap race. Jayne, the organiser, used our best times from the series and staggered the start times accordingly. Unfortunately for me I had posted a really good time for the course back in November so I was one of the last to go off. I didn't catch any one up and was overtaken by two fellas! Resulting in me finishing last in the handcap ! Great fun, looking forward to being motivated through the winter by this series again next year.
Team Jade

Lovin' the runnin'
This month I have really been enjoying my running again...I have had a bit of trouble with my glute/hip, but regular sports massage and daily mobilising exercises seem to be helping this improve. Getting up on the Malvern hills for a run is just the best escape, whatever the weather.

I've also taken time out to enjoy plenty of family time. My eldest daughter has returned to the UK after a year living in Tokyo. We've had a family wedding and Mothers day.  So plenty of R&R included in my schedule the month keeping the balance right.
Family R & R